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Mr Hitesh Patel  (married, age 53, Based in Central London)   tel: +44(0)7914 971 531 

My Aspiration. Performance improvement coaching has proved to be the perfect vehicle for applying the skills that forged my success in the sales arena to help others excel. My passion is fuelled by the un-paralleled sense of fulfillment and effectiveness I've experienced  in helping others unleash their full potential in key personal and professional skill sets.

Expanding my network of clients & partners provides the variety of challenge that invigorates my personal development and hones my skills in providing insightful, engaging and inspirational training experiences that deliver consistent and long lasting business results.

*         EXPERIENCE  *

Aug 2010 onwards
Founder & Coach

XLR8 training is my personal freelance coaching practice, allowing me to offer bespoke training I have researched and designed based upon my ever growing experience in performance improvement solutions.My personal clients have expressed great satisfactions with the results I have delivered. See their testimonials...

Nov 2008 onwards
Associate Trainer
TACK International. I deliver Sales, Negotiation, Leaderhsip and Coaching skills training for public and in house programmes for TACK's corporate and SME client base.

Jan 2006 onwards
Consultant & Trainer

Since joining Dale Carnegie Training in January 2006, I have become a trainer of all core portfolio programmes - sales, leadership, presentation and interpersonal skills training. My most notable achievements have been the brokering of the largest deal ($1.95m) in the history of the company and achieving a rank of 77th amongst the 3,000 accredited trainers worldwide. My personal client satisfaction ratings of [100 %:expectations met] and [95%:exceeded] bolster the belief that my coaching performance underpins their business success. See client testimonials...

[Sep 04 - Sep05 ] World Travel

A year of world travel spanning 22 countries, 45,000 miles and exposure to a wealth of wonderful new geographies, intriguing cultures and lifestyles. An amazing adventure! Please feel free to visit my website to get snapshot of our experience... http://www.purple-world.com/

[Jan 04 - Sep04 ]

Sawyers Hall College – Faculty of Design & Technology.  My first step in pursuit of a vocation offering greater personal reward through the nurturing of others. A challenge indeed, adapting from corporate life to the modern day education system, but a great experience in exploring the challenges of engaging 11-16 year olds in learning.

[August 02] Account Director

British Telecom Global Carrier Services. The collapse of the internet industry and KPNQwest saw my return to BT to manage a multinational account team across Europe supporting key carrier accounts. Selling success had generated sufficient financial freedom for me to start explore other life aspirations…

[August 00] Account Director KPNQwest Wholesale Internet Services. This new internet operator presented a highly sales focused arena inwhich new business was the core benchmark for success and reward. I enjoyed the most intensive yet rewarding period of my sales career and have honed my selling skills to their prime.

[September 99] Sales Manager

Corporate Account Management, British Telecommunications plc
Success in the account manager’s role and recognition of my efforts in guiding the wider sales team was rewarded by my promotion to sales manager, leading a team driving new business sales.

[Apr 97]
Account Manager
A natural progression from the role of technical salesman, account management gave me full responsibility for the account relationship and development of sales opportunities. My technical background was invaluable and facilitated a self-sufficiency that allowed me to excel in this role whilst developing my commercial experience.
[Aug 95]
Systems Engineer
I was promoted and moved to BT’s wholesale business where post de-regulation telecoms was about to boom. I worked across a number of new telecoms operator accounts and gathered a very valuable insight to the burgeoning internet revolution and its impact on the future.
[Sept 93]
Systems Engineer
I joined BT’s graduate sales programme working as a Systems Engineer, designing and implementing sales solutions for a  corporate customer base.  This served as an excellent introduction to the technical sales environment and instilled a much deeper understanding of the marketplace.

[July 91] Science Explainer

The British Science Museum.Explaining the science behind exhibits on the interactive galleries proved a great opportunity to engage the interest of visitors, exercising my communication and presentation skills.

*          SKILLS PROFILE          *

Coaching & Facilitation

  • Nurturing a self-belief and confidence that helps individuals unleash their latent potential.
  • Demonstrating credibility, relevancy and confidence in front of demanding business professionals.
  • Rapidly engaging a room of strangers and winning their attention, trust, favour and respect.
  • Getting buy-in to new ideas and commitment to stretching personal comfort zones.
  • Tailoring information to suit different learning styles, business cultures and values. 

Presentation Skills

  • My sales success has demanded persuasive presentation skills - from internal team meetings to board level closing pitches.
  • As a "Science Explainer" I had to overcome both language barriers and widely varying levels of understanding to present exhibits and scientific principles to multi-national visitors.
  • Engaging 11-16 year olds in learning required resilience, creativity and captivating delivery- not only to keep attention, but to maintain discipline.

Consultative Selling & Sales Management

  • Training: Power Base Selling & Leadership Skills in Sales Management.
  • Responsibility for developing strategies to drive new business revenues whilst defending legacy business.
  • Coaching a team of sales people along the roller-coaster ride of new business sales.
  • Consultative selling to major corporate clients

Industry Sales Experience

  • Eleven years of corporate & ‘start-up’ sales experience during the meteoric rise and fall of the Internet industry.
  • Intensive BT management training; Sales Management, Leadership, Negotiation Skills and Power Base Selling.
  • Access to key corporate accounts and insight to the political dynamics of selling between them. (BT Global)
  • Success in high pressured new business sales at an internet ‘Start Up’ (KPNQwest)

Commercial and Financial Awareness

  • Demonstrating, often at board level, insight to the factors affecting both customer and supplier industries.
  • Justifying investment in often radical operational changes with sound ROI business rhetoric.
  • Close liaison with technical, operational and financial decision makers - positioning solutions to meet their perspectives.
  • Loosening ever-tightening budget belts with the lure of the commercial benefits of investing in my solutions.

Multi-Media & Marketing Skills

  • Producing sales and marketing collateral, as well as video learning resources for my training partners.
  • I am adept in the use of various desktop publishing tools; Powerpoint, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects & Flash Animation.
  • Examples of my work;  Video Tutorial, My Website, My Travel Blog

*          RECREATION & INTERESTS          *

Property Renovation: Over several years we have bought and renovated residential properties around London. This consumes much of my spare time (and finances!) but provides great reward in being both a creative outlet and an investment opportunity. See my latest renovation project.

Multimedia Projects: I’m a self-taught Visual Media enthusiast and enjoy building interactive web-sites with visual content and animation – please feel free to visit the various links in this document as they are all self-generated projects.

Sport: I enjoy playing racquet sports and spend summer and winter months between tennis and squash courts. The adrenalin rush of snowboarding takes me to the Alps most years, but advice from the ‘knee’ department suggests that ‘Golf’ will soon be on the horizon!

*               EDUCATION           *

Sept 91- Sept 92 MSc Information System Engineering [Distinction]

Sept 84 - July 87   ‘A’ Levels

Pure Maths, Applied Maths, Physics

Sept 90 - Aug 91 Qualified Teacher of Design & Technology (PGCE)
Sept 87 - Aug 90 BEng(Honours) Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Sept 79 - July 84 ‘O’ Levels

Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French English Language & Literature, Technical Drawing